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Envelope punch Board

hoi hoi

Van the scrappy mermaid  een leuke uitleg hoe een envelope te maken met de envelope punch board. Ga een keer bij haar kijken ze maakt erg leuke creaties en je kan in het Nederlands een berichtje achter laten.


Hei and welcome to my crafty blog! Today I want to show you how you can make a library pocket and a coordinating coin envelope! I made both envelope and pocket with the envelope boarder punch by We R Memory Keepers.

Step 1: Take a 6x6 patterned paper
Step 2: Line the paper up at 2 5/8 inches, punch and score
Step 3: Turn the paper, line the paper up at the first score line, punch and score.
Step 4: Repeat step 3 two times.
Step 5: Paper must look like this.
Step 6: Take a triangular ruler and score the two flaps at the upper and bottom side of your envelope.
Step 7: Fold the other two flaps inside, score at the line where the two flaps come together. Fold one flap inside. Adhere the flap.
Step 8: Fold the upper and bottom flap inside, adhere the bottom flap and mark the coin envelope with a pen where the fastener will be attached.
Step 9: Punch out two small circles.
Step 10: Make holes in these circles.
Step 11: Attach the two circles with some cute brads.
Step 12: Close coin envelope with some bakers twine.

Step 1: Take a 3,5x8 inch cardstock or patterned paper.
Step 2: Punch paper at 3 5/8 inch. Flip the paper and punch a second time at 3 5/8 inch.
Step 3: Fold the paper.
Step 4: Score line.
Step 5: Punch at the scored line.
Step 6: Punch at the other side too.
Step 7: The paper must look like this.
Step 8: Take your favorite scissors and cut 2 triangles out of the flap.
Step 9: Use your ruler and craft knife to cut out a flap on the bottom side of the paper.
Step 10: Turn the paper up side down and use your ruler and craft knife again to cut out the second flap of the upper side of the paper.
Step 11: Paper looks like this.
Step 12: Fold the paper and adhere the flap.
Step 13: Score the line at the bottom side of the pocket.
Step 14: Adhere the bottom flap to the pocket.
Step 15: Your library pocket looks like this.

Here you can see the finished coin envelope and the library pocket! I used a circle punch to punch out the half circle!

I hope you had fun with my step-by-step tutorials! Have fun with your crafting and see you next time! Thanks for stopping by!
You can see my beautiful spring project with coin envelopes and library pockets over at the Pebbles Blogtoday!

Groetjes Thamar

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  1. Dit ziet er heel leuk uit en duidelijk ook.
    Groetjes, Els

  2. Dankjewel voor de maten en de uitleg.
    Super leuk!

  3. Thanks for the great instructions! Love these! And, hello from Texas!


super leuk dat je een berichtje achter laat.